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Какво да правим Планирай пътуването си Мултимедия
Каноса ди Пулия
Маргерита ди Савоя
Минервино Мурге
Сан Фердинандо ди Пулия
Съкровища на изкуството и исторически съкровища
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Минервино Мурге Интерактивна карта   |  виж други градове
Минервино Мурге - Минервино Мурге
История и територия
Какво да видим
Маршрути и територия
Прогноза за времето
Добра кухня
Къде да преспите
The Murgian balcony offers a view that will never be forgotten: Palaces and churches are important architectural elements, such as the Castle (XIV Century) dominating the area perched on the hilltop, where the permanent exhibition entitled “Quando l’Ofanto era colour dell’Ambra” (“When Ofanto was coloured Amber”) is on show, dominating the mediaeval village of Scesiola.  The caves of S. Michele and the Cathedral of the Sanctuary of “Our Lady of Saturday” (“Madonna del Sabato”) are also a must see. ...
Част от съдържанието не е налично на вашия език Част от съдържанието не е налично на вашия език
Church and Grotto of San Michele Минервино Мурге   CHURCH AND GROTTO OF SAN MICHELE МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
Located at the foot of Minervino, in a valley found at the end of a natural channel that once was a small river called “Matitani", the grotto of San Michele...
The Archaeological Museum Минервино Мурге   THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
The Archaeological Museum of Minervino held archaeological relics of great value, but after been looted about thirty years ago it remained closed to the public...
Faro Минервино Мурге   FARO МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
The Faro is a monument that was erected in 1932 in honour of Fascism and its fallen members. It is 34 metres tall and incorporates within its structure the symbols...
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Минервино Мурге   CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
Dedicated to the Vergine Assunta (Lady of Assumption), this was the seat of the Minervino Bishops from the 11th century up to 1818 (the year when the diocesis...
Church and Sanctuary Madonna del Sabato Минервино Мурге   CHURCH AND SANCTUARY MADONNA DEL SABATO МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
The Church of the Madonna del Sabato, the protector of the city, was built around the mid 17th century on a grotto excavated from the  tuff rock on the spot...
Minervino Murge was inhabited since prehistory. The first primitive settlement probably dates back to the VIII and VII century A.D. Beginning from the...
Civic Clock Tower Минервино Мурге   CIVIC CLOCK TOWER МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
Erected as an observatory to defend the town in the 15th century on a commission by the Orsini – Del Balzo family, the feudal lords of Minervino Murge, it later...
Norman Swabian Castle Минервино Мурге   NORMAN SWABIAN CASTLE МИНЕРВИНО МУРГЕ
The construction of the oldest wing of this castle dates back to Norman times, presumably 1042, and ended in 1300 as testified by the coat of arms belonging to...
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